Monday, August 20, 2007

No jobs for Anglophones (English-speakers)

The French are known for being protective of their language and a bit "anti-American", but is this going too far? Kim Willsher writes an article for The Guardian about how a number of Anglophones in France feel that they are being discriminated against and not allowed to teach English in select universities because of elitism. Some Americans are crying foul at the French system, claiming that they need to have perfect French in order to pass the exams that allow them to teach English (which, in their opinion, doesn't make sense). While it may not be the exact situation here in Ecuador, it raises some important questions:
  • Should any English-speaker be allowed to teach English, or should they go through rigorous training such as that in France?
  • Is it necessary for English teachers to know the language of the country they teach in?
  • Should public universities and schools restrict the number of native English-speakers that can teach in their institutions, in order to give more opportunities to the non-native teachers?
  • If the number of Anglophones working in a public institution is restricted, is this fair to the students? Will this affect their learning English?
I think we need to hear from the students themselves. Post a comment below if you have an opinion!

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