Friday, February 23, 2007

Get to the library and READ!

What better advice? How often do you visit the CEC library? Do you even know where it is? Why not stop by there sometime before or after class and check out a book?

Take these tips into account when checking out a book:

1.Before reading a novel or a graded reader on your own, figure out as much as you can from the cover, and read the summary on the back. Make sure it’s interesting.

2. Read a little until you know who the main characters are. Write down everything you know about them (rich, beautiful, aggressive, smart, etc.). Then try and predict what will happen in the story based on what you think the characters will do. Read the book once quickly to check if you’re right. Don’t worry about vocabulary.

3. The second and third time you read, you can check the meaning of difficult words, but only the ones you think are important.

4. Ocassionally stop and guess what will happen next, or what a character will say. Draw pictures if it helps you understand better.

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