Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Exotic Fruit Translations

CEC students sometimes wonder how to say the names of their favorite foods. It can be difficult translating foods, since different regions name things differently, while other regions may not even know about the food in question! So, for Ecuadorian students, we have compiled a list of some of the translations for those more exotic and difficult-to-translate foods. This post will focus on FRUITS:
  • tomate de árbol: tamarillo
  • grosella: Tahitian gooseberry
  • uvilla: cape gooseberry
  • taxo: banana passionfruit
  • achotillo: rambutan fruit (similar to lychee)
  • guayaba: guava
  • guaba: no translation found, I guess we have to call it guaba and try not to get confused with a guayaba!
  • ovo: similar to a natal plum
  • babaco: babaco or champagne fruit
  • maracuyá: passionfruit
  • naranjilla: naranjilla
  • granadilla: sweet granadilla or golden passionfruit
  • tuna: cactus apple or prickly pear
  • capulí: black cherry
  • guanábana: guanabana or prickly custard apple
  • oritos: baby bananas
  • maduro: sweet plantain (very ripe plantain)
  • plátano verde: plantain
  • chirimoya (cherimoya): custard apple

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