Friday, May 18, 2007

Practice Vocabulary at Home!

Do you need to learn more vocabulary? The best way to learn vocabulary is by READING. There are other ways, however, to improve your vocabulary and review words you see when reading or in class. Here are some tips:

  • Make a vocabulary "flip pad." Put a verb on each page. Add words that you can use after it. (For instance: write the verb DO, and afterwards common words that follow DO, such as your homework, the dishes, some reading, etc.)
  • Go to the drugstore and look at the objects on the shelf. Tell yourself the names of these objects in English. What helath problems are they for? Can you remember the names of the health problems in English?
  • Label broken items in your house. Look around your house. Put the name of problems you see on a sticky note (Post-it) and put it on the object that needs to be fixed. Remove the notes when the problem is fixed.
  • Find a fashion magazine and label as many of the different styles, materials, patterns, colors, etc. as you can in 15 minutes.
(Ideas taken from Touchstone.)

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