Thursday, February 14, 2008

Saying "I Love You" on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at CEC!

Have you sent your loved one a valentine yet? If not, why not send an e-card? Or, create a handmade card using templates. If you are creative, try making your own valentine. Here are some typical greetings in English you will find on a valentine card:
  • You're so sweet.
  • Be my valentine.
  • From (or to) my valentine.
  • Be mine.
  • Easy to Love.
  • You're Mine.
  • I'm Yours.
Celebrate today with a dinner for two, a quick email or phone call, or some candy hearts. Whatever you do, be sure to spend time telling those close to you how much you care about them.

Answers from yesterday's Valentine's Day Quiz:
  1. February 14
  2. three
  3. Lupercalia
  4. 17th century
  5. 1840s
  6. the British Museum

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