Tuesday, February 26, 2008

See vs. Watch vs. Look: Practice!

Choose the correct verb (see, watch, or look) for each sentence.

(Remember: We see something static, unmoving. We also see the things around us, perhaps without paying much attention to them. We look at something in order to pay more attention to its appearance. We watch something when we want to know what happens (so therefore we generally watch something that is moving or that requires our attention). We use look when we want to direct someone's attention to something.)

  1. Do you ___ that picture on the wall? It is a picture of my great-grandmother.
  2. Tania can't ___ blood or she faints.
  3. When you are done ___ the game, would you please help me in the kitchen?
  4. Can you ___ my children tonight while I am at the meeting?
  5. I need someone to ___ my computer. It isn't working.
  6. ___ ! That little boy is going to fall out of the tree.
  7. I don't ___ the difference between these two pictures. Are you sure they aren't the same?
  8. ___ that man on the corner. He's acting suspicious.
  9. Have you ___ The Lord of the Rings? It's a classic.
  10. I want to learn how to make fanesca. Can I ___ you make it?
  11. Don't ___ me! My hair's a mess!
  12. I have this feeling someone is ___ me. It is really creepy.


  1. see
  2. see
  3. watching
  4. watch
  5. look at
  6. Look
  7. see
  8. Watch
  9. seen
  10. watch
  11. look at
  12. watching


Anonymous said...

Which of the following is better for drawing the reader's attention to details in the text of a previous email message?

Please see the mail below.

Please look at the mail below.

Anonymous said...

We would normally use the first option, in my opinion. It is common to hear in academic or formal texts, for instance, "Please see..." You may also use "Please refer to" if you are uinsure. Look at does not sound bad, however. Hope that helps!