Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Problem with Wikipedia...

Have you ever used Wikipedia? Have you thought of it as an amazing, informative site, or one "broken beyond repair"? Apparently, one of the founders of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger, believes it is no longer reliable. He openly criticizes the Education Secretary, Mr. Johnson, for saying that children should use Wikipedia as a good source of information.

He told The Times:

“I’m afraid that Mr Johnson does not realise the many problems afflicting Wikipedia, from serious management problems, to an often dysfunctional community, to frequently unreliable content, and to a whole series of scandals. While Wikipedia is still quite useful and an amazing phenomenon, I have come to the view that it is also broken beyond repair.”

Sanger has launched a new web site,, and says that, even though the public will also be able to contribute, the site will be more reliable academically.

See the full article in The Times.

So, how do you research information? Do you use wikipedia?

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