Thursday, June 28, 2007

Since: Adverb, Preposition, and Conjunction

Since is often used to indicate time, but it can also be used for giving reasons, and in this sense is interchangeable with because. Be careful, however: because is not always interchangeable with since.

Giving reasons (conjunction): since=because
  • I like this park because it is close to my house.
  • I like this park since it is close to my house.

Passage of time
  • I have been working here since 2005. (preposition)
  • Since I was a child I have loved the Beatles. (conjunction)

From then until now; at a subsequent time (adverb)
  • Jenny left class at 9 am and hasn't been back since.
  • Mary graduated last year. She has since gotten a job and moved to California.

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