Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Prospective Teachers

Why are you learning English? Is it for a job? Is it because you plan to work or study abroad? Is it because you simply like the language? There are as many reasons for studying English as there are people, but one thing you all have in common is that, once you've mastered the language, you could become potential English teachers. Maybe this option is the one for you.

In Ecuador, many college graduates find a hard time getting into their field. But, if you know English, you always have something to fall back on, since there never seems to be a shortage of institutions needing English teachers or tutors. One thing you will need to teach English, however, is a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Teacher Training Certificate. CEC-EPN's TEFL course can help you with this requirement. This 120-hour certificate is officially recognized by Juniata College of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, and is offered 2-3 times a year. The price you pay for this course is a steal in comparison with other courses of the same caliber. Better yet, Ecuadorian residents get a 50% discount!

If you have an interest in teaching English, or are already a teacher yourself and would like to learn new techniques, trends and methods in the field, our TEFL course is right for you. Check it out at our web site, leave a message here in the comments field, or send me, Kari, an email message with TEFL in the subject line and I can get you more information.

CEC also welcomes people from other countries who would like to come and obtain their TEFL certification while learning Spanish and traveling Ecuador. Contact us today!

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Anonymous said...

CEC-EPN is not a healthy workplace at all! Mangement is only top down. They treat employees like crap. They pay employees late, very late! By months. Don't even bother teaching here!